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Cold Call Leads

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The 4 pillars of Pre-qualifying are very important.

The more of these we can get from the owners the better for acquisitions and appointment setters/sales guys.

The Four Pillars:



Have you done any major remodeling to the kitchen or the bathrooms in the last 5 years? How is the A/C unit & roof? Is it a 3 bed 2 bath house? Has there been any flooding?



Why do you need to sell? What is your desired time-frame? We usually close the transaction in 10 to 20 days, but we can work with you to close much sooner if needed, does that work for you?



If you were to sell this home where would you move to next…would you stay local or move out of town? What is your reason for selling?



So you’ve owned it for a while…. what do you think it’s worth? How much are you looking for? If I can get you a fair cash offer what’s the best price you’d take for it? if I pay all the closing costs and there are no real estate commissions, would this have an imopact on your desicion?



Hi there, is this ____________? (Name)

My name’s ____________ , I’m sorry if this call may be a bit out of the blue…. but I was calling about a home I believe you own on ____________? (Address)


So I’m actually looking to buy a home in the neighborhood and was just curious if you’d thought about selling yours…. or maybe if you’d consider an offer for it?



If response is “no”

I completely understand, do you happen to have any properties you would consider selling or know anyone who is trying to sell a property?


If response is “yes”

Great!! So it looks like the home is _______ square feet is that right?

So have you done any major remodeling to the kitchen and bathrooms in the last 5 years?

Great…did you happen to have a price in mind?

Is the house listed by any chance?


If the response is “How much?”

My partner actually runs all the numbers and the condition of the home is a big factor…have you done any major remodeling to the kitchen or bathrooms in the last 5 years?


If response is “Are you an agent?”

My partner and I are actually local investors trying to help out the community in any way we can.



Hi _________ this is ________, just calling to see how you’re doing, I’d like to talk with you about a property I believe you own. Just gimme a call back whenever you can thanks!